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ticket to successWelcome!

This website is just one way I will help in your quest to obtain your TICKET TO SUCCESS.

It was created and is continually updated by me, Mrs. Steinbach, in order to further assist us with your success in understanding science. This site will provide you with 24/7 access to our course information, resources, and assessment tools. It is my hope that this site will make your task of learning a bit easier.

Please know that you can count on me. I want nothing more than to see you succeed. We will be a team throughout your learning process.

What sparks success?

AMBITION. Show your desire to better yourself. Stay motivated, keeping your eye on the learning goal. Stay determined by believing in yourself and your capabilities. I believe in you!

COMMITTMENT. Stick with it, even when the learning gets tough. Don't quit. You will overcome what challenges you. Make it your charge to always do your very best work.

COURAGE. Don't be afraid to make mistakes as you are learning. Welcome them. After all, mistakes are necessary for learning to take place. Be creative, daring, have guts, and dig deep.

PREPARATION. Lay the groundwork for your success. Do what you need to do to get the job done: notetaking, readings, practice problems, etc. In other words, a strong work ethic is a must.

RESPONSIBILITY. Always exhibit self-control, integrity, and kindness. Hold yourself accountable for your success and future.

What are we learning today?
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